Stations in an Artist’s Life

When I was born in Mexico City in the second decade of the last century, I did not know how interesting my life would be. Today, after more than ninety years, I am grateful for the innumerable preservations and additions: I arrived in Germany to the boarding school of the Urspringschule, from there to the military, in captivity and back to Stuttgart, where I learned the profession of carpenter and manufacturer of tools.

In 1946 I started attending Walter Wörn’s drawing classes at the Technical University of Stuttgart and continued at the Freien Kunstschule Stuttgart and the adult education center.

In 1950, I moved to Mexico again. Most of the time I worked in my own plastic injection plant in Mexico City.

During all the years I attended evening classes at the Academies of La Mancha and Enrique Zapata in Mexico to complete my drawing skills. I had several exhibitions in Mexico.

After reaching retirement age in 1986, my wife and I returned to Germany. We settled in Reutlingen and I began to draw “full time”, including engraving, cutting wood and painting. In 1988 I participated in the Sommerakademie Salzburg – xylography – with Rudolf Schönwald.

So far I have had more than 33 exhibitions in Mexico and Germany. They enriched my life and they continued to inspire me to explore new techniques.

An excerpt from the exhibition places:

1985  Galerias Chapultepec, Mexico-City

1979  Academy Enrique Zapata, Mexico-City

1985  German Embassy, Mexico-City

1981-84  German-Mexican Exchange of Culture

1987/88  Hall of Art, Tübingen

1988  Internationale Sommerakademie, Salzburg

1988  Gallery in the Cloister-Church, Urspring

1992  Württemberger Association of Art, Stuttgart

1997  „Mitte Europa“, Misslareuth

1998 Filharmonie, Filderstadt

2001 Cityhall Kernen, Rommelshausen

2008 Ulmer Münz, Ulm

2011 andale, Ulm

2012 Kunst ist Leben, Harthausen

2017 Bellinohaus, Reutlingen