Explanation of some of my Techniques

The monotype technique works in the following way: A paper is placed on a sheet of glass or acrylic previously moistened with ink. The pattern is drawn on the upper side (really on the back) of the paper. Due to the pressure of the drawing, the image appears on the lower part (really the front part) of the paper.


Working side (eventually back)

Working side (eventually back)

Dixylography and Trixylography:
Woodcutting is a printing technique in which a block of wood printing in relief is used to create graphics.

 This technique is derived from the woodcut and is created by 2 or 3 different woodcuts of equal size, which are printed on top of each other in a way all the prints are recognizable. By mixing the two or three different expressions, new themes may arise.
For example, “She waits” + “He waits” => “México”.

Maybe it would then be interesting to ask for the matching monochromatic and the multi-chromatic works.

Monochromatic woodcut

Monochromatic woodcut with different image

Dichromatic woodcut with one image over the other

Images cut out of translucent and collaged parchment. It is the light that passes through the image that impacts. Similar to multiple woodcuts, the mixture of different motifs gives the image a new meaning.

Wood engraving“:
I use the wood in the same way as the old master metal plates used. The result is much more animated. See “Conscience”.